2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Eight Exciting Models, But Which to Choose?

Even before the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Trail and Trackhawk models debuted, the question of which model to choose has been one we hear often at our dealership. Excluding the specialty models, this awarded SUV has five trim levels to choose from—each upping the ante for both performance and premium appointments.

Which one is right for you? It all depends on your needs and tastes. Specialty models like the Trailhawk, Trackhawk, and SRT all dial up one quality, while the mainstream trims offer all-around capability with increasing levels of rugged luxury. Even there, you’ll find plenty of choices. From additional packages that add styling and tech, to driver assistance and safety aids, there’s plenty for you to get behind. And if you decide your needs include an off-roader, track-blazer, or an around-town rocket, the aforementioned specialty models have all the goods.

Are you interested in vetting the Grand Cherokee in person? The sales team at our Jeep model dealership in Ellington, CT are happy to help. Drop us a line at your convenience to schedule a test drive.

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