It's Almost Time For Your Spring Maintenance

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If your windshield looks like the above picture, then you've probably waiting for winter to be over so you can work on your spring vehicle maintenance. Here are some spring maintenance tips to help ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the sunny spring season.


  • Wash And De-Salt Your Vehicle - Winter is hard on our cars, especially if you live somewhere like CT where your vehicle doesn't just have to deal with the snow, rain, and ice, but it also has to put up with the dirt and salt that is placed on the road to counteract the elements. This salt may be great for melting snow, but it can be detrimental to your vehicle. Bring your car to a carwash and make sure to clean every part of the vehicle, including the undercarriage, to get rid of the rust causing debris.
  • Check Your Alignment - Remember that pot hole you hit when you pulled out of the grocery store? That might have done some damage on your alignment. If you've been noticing that your car tends to go to one side more often or the steering wheel vibrates when you drive, it may be time to schedule a service appointment and let us realign your vehicle soon.
  • Rotate Or Switch Out Tires - As the snow fades away and the warmth reappears, you'll no longer need your heavy-duty winter tires. In fact, driving around on them when there is no snow can cause massive wear and can ruin them for next winter. Have your summer tires put back on or, if you have all-seasons, make sure to have them rotated so that they each receive even wear.
  • Replace Your Cracked Windshield - If you've experienced the heart-crushing sound of a rock hitting your windshield than you know that, once spring appears, you'll need to have your windshield either fixed or replaced, depending on the size, placement, and length of the crack.
  • Change Your Oil And Check Your Other Fluids - You should have your oil changed after a certain number of months or amount of miles, but it doesn't hurt to check your oil (and other fluids) when spring comes out. The other fluids you should check are your windshield washer, brake, cooling, and transmission.

If you'd like us, here at Bolles Motors, to help you with your spring maintenance, feel free to schedule a service appointment today! Fill out our online scheduling tool to conveniently find the date and time that works best for you and get your vehicle ready for spring in no time!

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